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Ballet, Tap and Jazz : dance disciplines taught in our classes

Ballet, Tap and Jazz : dance disciplines taught in our classes

Ballet : from twinkle toes to budding ballerinas. we cater for all.

Ballet Dance ClassesBallet beautiful ballet - the ageless elegance gracefully enhanced through movement. Ballet is the heart of dancing, Everything learnt through ballet let it be deportment, strength or technique will complement any other kind of dancing.


Twinkle toes - age 3-5 years

This class teaches all the above though play. Using a variety of techniques, your child will be catching butterflies or pretending to be a princess (encouraging children to hold their heads up and stand tall) or sprinkling their toes with magic dust to make them stretch and be pretty. Our classes open the imagination and make many young children's dreams come true. In this class they learn the preparatory grade without even realizing it!

Preparatory age 5 - 6 years

In this grade children learn the preparatory grade in greater detail. This class is perfect as a stepping stone to the primary grade and focuses on building confidence as well as technique and deportment. Children love moving up to this class as they feel they are no longer in the twinkle toe baby class and are all grown up! Ofcourse they still love being princeses and fairies - well they are still only 5 & 6!

Ballet for ages 6 - 8

These grades concentrate on Primary grades and Grade 1. These are more structured classes but at the same time imagination and improvisation also play a great part in our teaching method.

Ballet for ages 9 - 11

Incorporating ballet grades 2 and 3, these classes concentrate on precise technique encouraging the pupil to feel the music and dance with feeling and emotion. Set amalgamations are taught as well as a glossary (names and meanings) of steps. These classes prepare children to be confident about performing solo.

Ballet ages 12 - 18

Ballet grades 4 -6 are studied to a high level, preparing students for intermediate and major examination.

With all our classes we understand that examinations are not for everyone and that some children would just like to learn the grade without taking an exam. This is of course more than acceptable and for this reason we do not just do grade and syllabus work. We often end the class with free work (ballet not necessarily from that grade) or choreograph a short dance which all pupils love. We also have times when we feel the class would benefit from a free class in which case the whole lesson will be learn a dance. Please do not be put off if you or your child is a beginner, you’ll be surprised at how fast they learn.

Remember we have a class to suit all standards.

Tap - rhytymic sounds - music made through a single tap

Tap Dance ClassesWith all our lessons are motto is FUN FUN FUN and that's exactly what we have. We teach all the technical side of tap but incorporate style and peformance at the same time - yes in all our classes and starting from as young as 6 years.

We have performed many tap numbers at our school shows including 42nd Street, Bushell and a Peck from Guys and Dolls, We're In The Money - Money Cabaret from Cabaret, One Singular Sensaton from Chorus Line, Tap Your Troubles Away from Mack and Mable, to name but a few! The dancers were brilliant - so as they said in 42nd Street - "Put on your tap shoes Frances" and join in the fun!

Tap Classes Ages 6-8

All the above plus counts and basic tap steps emphasising the correct placement of steps.

Tap Classes 9- 11

All the above plus tap steps to Grade 1, 2 and 3 standards using light and shade through movement as well as different rhythms. Timesteps and breaks stop time and tacit time are introduced.

Tap Classes 12-18

All the above, plus a greater knowledge of all steps such as wings pick ups etc. Syncopation and different styles of tap such as tango and waltz are introduced.

As with all our classes, tap examinations may be taken, but this is not compulsory.

Remember whatever standard you are - you are more than welcome at Georgiana Elite!

Jazz - the cool inner strength of jazz versus the funky moves of today!

Jazz Dance ClassesWhichever takes your fancy we cater for both, incorporating both styles of discipline into our classes. Our students have performed numerous styles of jazz at our school shows such as All That Jazz, She's Like The Wind, numbers from Hairspray such as Just Can't Stop The Beat, Fosse, including numbers from Sweet Charity, Rhythm Of Life, Frug Thriller, a funky Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Thriller, Don’t Feel Like Dancing, Fame, Britney Spears' Toxic and our latest, Honey and Poker Face… name but a few!


Jazz classes ages 6 - 8 years

Fun disco style classes to develop confidence, performance and personality. Simple routines performed and pattern shapes and styles are taught.

Jazz classes ages 9-11

Leaps, combinations, steps and strength are all important in these classes. Helping the pupil to gain their own style and incorporate the music is another part of this class in which we encourage improvisation where pupils are able to perform their own dances using their own ideas and styles. Routines are also taught at the end of each class.

Jazz classes ages 12 – seniors

These classes involve all of the above but to a greater degree. Corner work is introduced for leaps, turns and kicks. Routines are taught at the end of each class and are worked on for a few weeks to encourage performance.

Boys Classes.

Boys are more than welcome at our academy. In fact we love having boys at our school especially when we are performing shows such as Bugsy Malone Grease and Oliver! If there are more than 5 boys in a class we will try to make arrangements for a boys only class if this encourages more boys to attend. Remember most boxers and football players have all admitted that ballet/dance is great for balance, intricate placing and strength not to mention meeting girls!

Adult classes

We run adult tap classes at both our branches, so why not come along and give it a go. Whether you are a complete beginner or have old dusty tap shoes in the loft - get them out as everyone is welcome. As well as keeping fit its also nice to meet new people. I have really enjoyed teaching this class As well as such a great atmosphere and the fact that we have a giggle I have also got back intouch with some old friends who I use to dance with - It's great!

Private lessons

Some children/adults prefer private lessons whether it be because they just feel more comfortable having a one to one or would like a more personal class. These can be very beneficial especially for those wanting dance to be their profession. These classes are designed specifically for yours or your child’s requirements, helping them to focus on what they need to work on and which specific exercises would help them the most. If you are interested in a private lesson please send an enquiry to Natalie for more information.


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